Flood Damage Assessments


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Water Damage/Intrusion Investigations


Hail Damage Evaluations


Wind vs. Surge Determinations


Construction Defect Investigations


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Litigation Support/Trial Preparation

Forensic Consulting Group, LLC (FCG) places our focus and energies on what we do best: PROPERTY-related investigations.  Many firms promote the fact that they are experts in everything and can provide consultants for any type of insurance claim or assignment.  At FCG, our staff consists of talented individuals who have spent their careers on constructions sites, building and designing homes, and building and designing a variety of commercial structures ranging from high-rise condominiums to shopping centers, hospitals, schools, churches and the like.

More important, our staff has spent years in a forensic capacity investigating why/how/when certain damages occurred to residential and commercial properties.  By staying within our realm of expertise, our team has been able to truly specialize in weather-related damages such as: flood damage to structures, wind damage to structures, hail damage to a variety of roof coverings, and seismic damage to buildings, to name a few.